Think You’re Cold, How Did the Pioneers Do It?
It's funny how it feels colder outside when the temperature is near 30 than when it is 8 or 9 degrees out. Such is the case for me today.  Even your house or workplace feels colder. Despite the fact that you live in a insulated house with your sealed windows to keep the cold air out your h…
Old Farmer’s Almanac Calling for Very Cold Winter
I was at lunch the other day and struck up a conversation with the waitress regarding the nice cool days and evenings we have had this week and she responded the she was actually "cold". Well, that was the wrong thing to say to a guy who "sweats in a blizzard". I …
WQEC-TV to Feature Quincy’s Tree Restoration Program
Weeks after the City of Quincy took the brunt of a huge wind storm, the city has slowly worked its way back to some degree of normalcy. With thousands of trees downed by winds in excess of 75 miles an hour and 95% of the city without any power for days, the cleanup project was enormous.

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