YMCA’s Turkey Run Registration Underway
Thirty-eight years ago, with only 25 runners, the very first Turkey Run was held in Quincy. In 2016, the YMCA set a new record with over 2,600 people pounding the pavement through the streets of Quincy on Thanksgiving morning!
These Quincy Stores Will NOT Be Open on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, food, and football. And for some of us, it's also that magical time of year when you can line up in the freezing cold and knock people out of the way in hopes of getting your hands on whatever the hot item toy happens to be that year so that the Big G…
Why I Like Thanksgiving
In case you did not know, I really love Thanksgiving. It’s funny how things change in your life as time goes by. Thanksgiving used to be a big deal in my life and I looked forward to it every year. Then it just became another day on the calendar. Life has a way of altering things and…
These Stores Offer The Biggest Discounts on Black Friday
On week from today will mark one of America’s largest holiday traditions, Black Friday. Consumers will invade retail establishments with vigor in quest of big savings. With that in mind, the personal-finance website Wallet-Hub, has surveyed 35 of the largest retailers and has identif…

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