Are You Ready For eSports?
If you think it’s not happening here, think again. Culver Stockton College will be starting up their eSports program next year and is actively recruiting players now.
Survey Reveals Top Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Media
Are you looking for a job? Do you have a Facebook account? Twitter? Instagram? Be careful what you post. That's the word from a new survey out from staffing firm OfficeTeam, which reveals the top social media mistakes HR managers say take job seekers out of the running for a posi…
We Tried the World’s Hardest Tongue Twister (Here’s How We Did)
As I was trying to explain the origin of the classic "she sells seashells by the seashore" tongue twister on the air yesterday, it tripped me up pretty good. Seemed easy, but not for me, I guess. So how would I fare (along with the rest of the office) with what researchers call the world&a…
A New App Comes With Serious Warning
As a mom of two, I am constantly monitoring what my kids are watching on the Internet (as I'm sure is the case for most parents). So when I head about this new, potentially dangerous app, I knew I needed to share it.
Can The Eclipse Damage Your Phone?
Solar Eclipse Day is here and everyone has eclipse fever. But if you plan to take photos of the eclipse, here are a few things you should know:
Major TV Networks Announce Fall Lineups
You know I LOVE TV, I watch over 30 shows (my DVR is so full). With the mid season finales taken place this week and next, we find out which shows are renewed, cancelled, and new shows coming. Here is your complete run down.

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