Where Did the Baseball Saying a ‘Can of Corn’ Come From?
When it comes to purchasing food, the United States leads the way in the safe distribution of food to the public. Safety measures are taken in packaging and delivery as well.  It got me to thinking about the pioneer days when people didn't have the safeguards for storing foods like we have…
Become an Honorary Quincy Gem!
The Quincy Gems home opener is slated for May 31 against the Danville Dans...which is ALSO Y101 Night at the Ballpark! As part of Y101 night, we want your youngster to be a part of the Y101 Opening Lineup.
Quincy Gems Will Miss The Hannibal Cavemen
We are now 3 weeks and a day away from the home opener for the Quincy Gems. On May 31st, the Gems will open up their home season with a game against the Danville Dans at historic Q.U. Stadium. It will also be Y101 Night at the ballpark as well. While the excitement of a brand new season will be felt…
It Hurts to Lose a Game, Your Teammates and a Career
It happens every year usually around the end of school when athletes realize that their athletic careers have abruptly ended with a season and career ending loss. At this time of year you can open up the Herald Whig and see it in the faces of the losing players.   If you ever played a sport you know…
Are Gun Check-in Centers Coming to Ball Parks Near You?
I guess it was a sign of the times. Were you aware that law-abiding gun owners last year were given the opportunity while attending a Cardinal Baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis to drop off their firearms at a specially outfitted armored truck before they entered the stadium instead of leav…
Baseball Cards and Bicycles, a Costly Combination
I was moving some boxes the other day at my house and I came across my large box of baseball cards. It got me to wonder about how many baseball cards I traded with my friends, and just how many I ruined just to make noise on my bike. My guess it was in the hundreds.

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