Dear Mother Nature, We Need To Chat
Okay Mother Nature, we need to have a little talk. I've got these brand new golf clubs that I have been patiently waiting to use since Christmas, so get your act together and bring us some actual spring weather!
It’s Okay to Cry, Moms
This time of year, many parents will start registering their children for kindergarten. And while this can be a fun and exciting time for parents and children, it can also be pretty sad sometimes. Allow me to explain.
Do You Tip On A Carry-Out Order?
Let me set up the scene for you. You worked all day, the kids are having an off day, and you're exhausted. You call in a take out order from a restaurant, swing by on your way home, and pick it up. Now when you sign the receipt, it gives you an option to leave a tip. Do you?
Seth Meyers’ Crazy Newborn Story Has Me Thinking About My Own
Every soon-to-be parent--especially every soon-to-be mother--remembers that moment when it was "that time" to go to the hospital. I remember like it was yesterday. Watching "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night reminded me of those crazy first moments before my husband and I w…
I Tried (and Failed) To Take A Selfie
I see these kids snapping selfies all the time. It doesn't look too hard. It's not my scene, but when the school asked for a picture of me for a bio, I thought I could handle it. Turns out, I'm not capable at all.

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