Check Out These Smoking Costs Before You Light Up
Aside from the obvious heath reasons, smoking is not a good habit to start. The health issues are well documented. The financial costs of smoking have been well documented too. The economic costs of smoking total more than $320 billion a year and are rising.
Mark Wiewel Keeps Pedaling for Food Pantries [Interview]
Mark Wiewel, the President & CEO of the Western Catholic Union, is zeroing in on raising a quarter of a million dollars with his "Bike for Food" fundraising ride. In the previous nine years, Wiewel has raised $203-thousand for food pantries in Quincy, Alton, Hannibal, Palmy…
Famous People From Iowa
The Hawkeye State might not be the first or second most likely state you think of when someone says "celebrity hometowns," but there are some folks from the state of Iowa that may come as a surprise.
Where Are They Now? The B-52s [Video]
I can remember very well seeing the B-52s in concert at several places around the area. The music of the B-52s was all about the party, and it still is! From the songs 'Rome' to 'Love Shack' to 'Rock Lobster,' the music just kept on coming from them, and the party never…
Utah Leads the State List For Being the Most Philanthropic
The United States is the world’s most benevolent country of 2014, a title it shares with Myanmar, according to WalletHub. Just how generous are Americans? According to the National Philanthropic Trust, 95.4 percent of households donate to charities, with each contributing an ann…

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