The NFL’s Pro Bowl is a Joke
For years I campaigned for the National Football League to move the Pro Bowl to the weekend before the Super Bowl game. Well, not that they listened to me, but a few years ago they did just that.  The games were entertaining but now after what I watched on ESPN Sunday it’s time …
NFL Players From Missouri Colleges
There are quite a few NFL players that are from Missouri colleges and universities. Here is a current list of NFL Players from Missouri. We'll try following up with how they do week to week.
QHS to Play QND in Football and Basketball This Season
It has been an argument since the 1970s. Why doesn’t Quincy Notre Dame High School play Quincy Senior High School in football and basketball? Well, this past winter, QHS Principal Danielle Edgar and QHS Athletic Director Bill Sanders sat down with QND Principal Mark McDowell and QND Athletic Directo…
Q.U. Receives a $500-Thousand Anonymous Stadium Grant
Quincy University received a $500,000 grant from an anonymous foundation on April 1 in support of the ongoing Quincy University Stadium renovation project announced in December. To date, the grant represents the single largest contribution to the stadium plan...

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