Quincy’s Ric Hinkamper Officiating on ESPN Tonight
We are in the midst of multiple college football bowl games for the next few weeks. There will be plenty of games to watch on TV including tonight's "San Diego County CU Poinsettia Bowl" in San Diego, California where B.Y.U. will play Wyoming.  The game can be s…
If You Time Each Play, Guess How Long an NFL Game Would Take?
I will be the first to tell you that being at the game is ten times better than watching it on TV…except for NFL Football. If you have never been to a game in person, one of the first things you will notice is the amount of game stoppages due to all the TV timeouts used for commercials...
Chicago Bears in Quincy Today Working Out Two Q.U. Hawks
The Chicago Bears are conducting a "Junior Day" at Quincy University's campus from 1-3 p.m. this afternoon to work out wide receiver Eric Poindexter and right tackle Donavan Vance. The duo will each go through an interview with a Bears scout, take a 12-minute Wonderlic test an…
NFL Opts Out of Roman Numerals for Super Bowl 50
When you look at this year's National Football League Super Bowl logo you won't find any Roman numerals. For 49 previous Super Bowls, the game's logo has always included Roman numerals, but this year we will move from Super Bowl XLIX (see above) to Super Bowl 50.

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