CASA Needs Volunteers
The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Adams County is in need of at least 10 new CASA volunteers.  CASA currently has more than 25 abused and neglected children waiting for a CASA volunteer to speak up for them.  These children desperately need your help to give them hope and be t…
Want Drugs Out of Your Neighborhood? Call Crime Stoppers!
It seems lately that there is an increase in crime in the City of Quincy primarily due to the increased usage of drugs in our community. The news is filled daily with drug arrests. Just last week a drug bust landed 31 people with charges against them. Just how do we stop this drug problem from happe…
Ladies, If You Read Anything Today, Make Sure It Is This!
It is sad that I feel it necessary to post this story, but post I must. Unfortunately, the world we live in is not the same one I grew up in and people are far more dangerous that they used to be. So with that said, I was sent this by a friend who asked me to share the story. So here it is.
What Has Happened to The Quincy I Knew?
There was a time around here when the local news was filled with stories about the fire department rescuing a kitten from a tree or three kids were selling lemonade for a charity and the most serious story might be about the cops finding a homeless man sleeping in the park. I yearn for those days ag…

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