Should O.J. Simpson Be Paroled? (POLL)
Will O.J. Simpson be released from prison?  That’s the question many are asking as Simpson will have a parole hearing tomorrow before the Nevada Board of Parole. If Simpson is paroled, his release could possibly come in early October.
34 Year Old Male Shot in Quincy
This Monday morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. officers from the Quincy Police Department responded to Blessing Hospital for a report of a subject who had arrived by private vehicle to their facility with a gunshot wound.
Are You Worried About Meth Users Driving?
I don’t know about you but it is a little frightening to read the police blotter these days. Not to minimize the listings of burglaries and assaults, but is seems like there are a lot more cases of local police finding meth amphetamines in vehicles during routine police stops.
Remember the O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase ?
Most people remember just where and what they were doing 23 years ago tomorrow when OJ Simpson was being "chased ", and I use that word loosely, by the Los Angeles Police Department. It’s quite possible that you, like a good number of Americans, were glued to a television set following the…
Are Gun Check-in Centers Coming to Ball Parks Near You?
I guess it was a sign of the times. Were you aware that law-abiding gun owners last year were given the opportunity while attending a Cardinal Baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis to drop off their firearms at a specially outfitted armored truck before they entered the stadium instead of leav…
Arrest Made in The Carlous Wires, Sr. Murder Case
It was November 24, 2015 when the life of Carlous Wires, Sr. came to an abrupt end, the victim of a gunshot wound. The investigation into the identity of the shooter in Wires death has been on going for the past 18 months and has led to the arrest today of Steven E. Gavin.
On This Date: Dr. Michael Swango Was Sentenced
e is a convicted killer and possibly has killed up to 60 or more people both domestically and internationally, has had a book written about him (Quincy native James Stewart’s “Blind Eye”) and is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado.

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