Illinois & Missouri Restaurants That Have Been On Food TV Shows (Poll)
I love to try out local restaurants when I travel (we all know what we get when we visit a chain restaurant). And when we're not traveling, I love seeing what other towns have to offer by tuning into the Travel Channel or Food Network. So I decided to see what area restaurants have been feature…
What Closed Store Would You Like to See Re-Opened?
I was reminiscing with a friend a little this week about the anniversary of the West Quincy Levee break which is coming up. I got to thinking about making a few stops at Merkels Hardware for batteries and a flashlight and some other things.  The conversation shifted to the businesses that …
There Are Some Really Creative Beauty Salon Names
I was driving last weekend and came across a beauty salon sign with the name of “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.”  There are some great salon names out there in Mid-America. It got me to thinking of just how many beauty salons there are and even more interesting are the n…
A New Restaurant is Coming To Quincy
Soon breakfast lovers will have a new place to start off their day. A sign posted at the Shoppes On Broadway strip mall (3400 block of Broadway) states that "Skrambowls" will be opening July 8th.
Win Dad The Perfect Father’s Day Gift
Father's Day is this Sunday and if you are needing a present for dad we can help. Revelry, The Park Bench and Y101 are giving you a chance to make this Father's Day the best for your dad.

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