Big Dog’s Major League Baseball Picks for 2017
Ozzie Smith started campaigning for it a few years ago…opening day in baseball should be a national holiday in America. The 2017 season began this weekend and thousands of Americans and Canadians will be heading through the turnstiles into ballparks this year.
Here’s Why The Cardinals Have an Off Day Scheduled Monday
The St. Louis Cardinals will open the 2017 Major League Baseball season at home Sunday night against the Chicago Cubs. After Sunday there will be 161 games left to be played and a lot can happen between now and then. But you can’t get to game 162 without playing game #2 next. So many of you may be a…
The Day I Met Chuck Berry
Back in 1988, Reggie Coleman and I took a trip down 61 and stopped at Chuck Berry's restaurant in Wentzville for a bite. We didn't actually think he'd be there...let alone sporting an apron and bussing tables! Here's the story behind it...
Lance Berkman is Coming To Quincy
Lance Berkman, Cardinals favorite and member of the 2011 World Championship team, will be in Quincy on April 3 as part of the second annual Western Illinois FCA Fundraiser Banquet.
Cubs Visit The White House [GALLERY]
In keeping with the tradition of championship teams visiting the White House, the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs visited President Obama (a fellow Chicagoan) on Monday.
Is This The End for the Hannibal Cavemen?
UPDATE: It's official. In a release on Friday, the Prospect League states that "The DuPage Drones (Lisle, Ill.) and Hannibal Cavemen (Hannibal, Mo.) franchises have elected to suspend operations for the 2017 season. Both franchises are expected to resume operations and begin playing ag…

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