Is there anyone reading this that didn't grow up listening to Casey Kasem’s  American Top 40 countdown show? it air on radio in the Quincy-Hannibal market for years. I always listened to the show on Sunday mornings and would feature news on the artists and their songs. Well, Casey’s Top 40 could be the new theme for the amount of stories about Kasem since he left the show.

Prior to his death, there were numerous stories about his family feuding about  who was the power of attorney over him, how his health was and even about his now widow, Jean Kasem, removing him in the middle of the night from a California hospital to Las Vegas and then Washington State. Police are still investigating that claim. There were at least a top 40 list of these stories alone.

Now comes word that Kasem’s body has allegedly been moved out of the country for his burial. Word has it that Kasem will be buried in Norway in an attempt to keep his family as far away from Casey’s final resting place as possible.

How sad this is for a man who reminded us each week to "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."