Living in this country can make you "blind" to the way others live around the world. Such is the case of the story I was reading this morning involving a 9-month-old Pakistani boy who was charged with attempted murder. That's right, at 9 months of age.

In this country we would never contemplate stealing electricity, but apparently in Pakistan they do and do it often. The problem for this 9-month-old began when officials from a local power company went to the boy's neighborhood to disconnect illegal cables that were installed by people to steal electricity.

When the company turned off the electricity, the villagers began pelting the electrical workers with stones and those people included this 9-month-old boy who just happened to be there. Police were called and stepped into break things up and arrested several people including the boy.

Pakistani officials,recognizing the boy was just 9 months old, has just dropped the charges against him. Can you imagine living in Adams County and hooking up your own electricity? I would short circuit my brain which is what must have happened to the person who filed charges against the 9-month-old in the first place.