His name was Doug Oakley and he played in a band called Wabash Resurrection.

You may never have heard of him but to me, he was a legend. And he nudged me into the radio guy I am now. Without him and the other guys in the band they played in, I might not be in radio today.

The band was called "Wabash Resurrection". A three piece band who played around my home of Pittsfield, Illinois. I was in my early twenty's and working on a farm just outside Pittsfield. Another guy working with me was Larry Lemons.He was a great guy and he played in the band as well.Then there was Doug Oakley. He had a great talent for music. He could play anything.

They got big around the area and played local bars. Everybody was wanting them. They even got a record deal.  I still have that record at home.

Doug was a gentle man, made a living working around playing music. And I thought yes, I could do that. Well, I was not very good at playing guitar but Doug showed me some things and I made up a couple of songs that nobody heard. But Doug, when I had a chance to be around him,always asked about my guitar playing. He was that kind of guy.

Now he is playing with the band above the sky and having a great time. Rest in peace.