Has anyone else noticed just how many times lately that the Air Evac Helicopter has been flying to and from Quincy's Blessing Hospital? It seems lately to be in operation quite often.

Perhaps it is just me thinking that way, but I have see it flying a lot over the last few weeks.  According to their web page, Air Evac now has over 1,250,000 members which is the largest membership of its kind in the United States. They have over 200 aircraft locations covering some 27 states with highly skilled nurses, medics and pilots.

Whenever I see or hear it flying overhead I always say a little prayer for whoever might be inside the aircraft. You never really want to see it flying because it usually means someone is in distress.

But, I must admit the times I have been at 11th and Broadway when it is taking off or landing, are times I enjoy watching it. I just wish it was patientless during those times but it sure is good to know it is available if needed.