Ok, are you ready for this? I was reading Time Magazine and I came across an article about candles and there fragrances for men. This is probably a topic more suitable for women than men. I know the chastising I took for lighting up candles in my office a few months ago. I thought I made a good purchase and I still stand by my purchase. You see, it was an evergreen aroma that the "Deep Woods" candle emitted into the air. It's hard to find manly aromas out there so when I saw this article about the Yankee Candle Company coming out with a new line of male oriented candles it caught my interest. They are introducing the new "Sawdust" candle and also the "Riding Mower" candle that smell like freshly cut grass. It will be interesting to see how well these lines do in the months ahead. I can't wait for the "Locker Room" and "Hamper" candles to come out. Light them up and you may have an explosion. Perhaps that is not such a good idea. I think I will stick with my "Deep Woods" candle for now.