The Salvation Army next week will be experimenting with a new campaign.  It is called the “We Need Your Time, Not Just Your Dime” campaign. It’s a campaign to solicit volunteers to help with the annual kettle program in November and December. According to the Salvation Army, over 6-thousand man hours will be needed for the Kettle Campaigns in Hannibal and Quincy in November and December. The campaign is the first of its kind for the Salvation Army, and if it is successful, look for it to be utilized by Salvation Army operations all over the country and the world for that matter.

The “We Need Your Time, Not Just Your Dime” campaign will be held in Quincy next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (July 24th through July 26th) at both County Market Stores, Walmart, and Farm & Home Supply  from noon to 7pm each day. The red kettles will be set up and the bells will be rung by volunteers but no money will be asked for, just your time.  By dropping off a business card, you would be making a commitment to assist with bell-ringing operations in November and December.  If you have no business card, the volunteer at the kettle will be more than happy to take your information.

For more information or to volunteer to man a kettle later this year, go to .