So I celebrated yet another birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the nice comments and congratulations. People came up to me and asked do you feel another year older? My reply is, I'm used to feeling older since I get older waiting to get through the intersection of 25th and Broadway every day of my life. 

I am beginning to think I am jinxed. No matter which way I am traveling, I seem to always get stopped by that light at 25th and Broadway. With Y101's studios just around the corner from that intersection, I probably go through that intersection more than most people.

There are times I sit at the light waiting to get onto Broadway for some 4 minutes (seems like 10). Other times, I turn the corner at 25th and Spring and see the light is green and I become Dale Jr. hurrying to get to the intersection, but usually the light is red by the time I get there. When that happens it feels like I had 3 birthdays before it switches back to green to allow me to move again. So I have, over the years, developed things to do while waiting.

Here is my top 10 list of things to do while waiting for the light to change at 25th and Broadway:

10. Count the cigarettes smoked by the Shottenkirk Used Car sales-people.

9.   Count how many people are still using their cell phones while driving past me. 

8.   See what the "special of the day" is at Culvers.

7.   Watch them change the "special of the day" for the next day at Culvers.

6.   Actually time the light to see just how long I have been waiting.

5.   Count the makes of cars, Kias, Chevys, Honda, Fords, etc. going past me.

4.   While waiting, get out of the car and get my haircut at Styl It 2.

3.   Count all the vapor trails in the sky from planes flying over Quincy.

2.   Call the state engineer to see if he's ever gone thru this intersection at 25th Street. 

1.   Celebrate yet another birthday.

Even if the light turns green it is no guarantee that I will be able to turn since I have to wait for oncoming cars heading north on 25th. And if that line is a long one, I may have to do it all over again.  I don't feel older, just frustrated!