It's Halloween time. So let's rock the tombstones. Here are the 10 Halloween songs that rock. Do you agree?  Or do you have better ones? Let us know.

10. Donovan, 'Season of the Witch'


9.  The Doors, "People are Strange"


8.  The Eagles, 'Witchy Woman'


7.  The Ramones, 'Pet Semetary'


6.  The Who, 'Boris the Spider'


5.  Warren Zevon,  'Werewolves of London'


4.  Alice Cooper,  'Welcome to My Nightmare'


3.  Ozzie Osbourne, 'Bark at the Moon'


2.  Blue Oyster Cult, 'Don't Fear the Reaper'


1.  AC/DC, 'Highway to Hell'

Keep on Rockin'.