The week almost passed us by without my mentioning that Wednesday was National Crayola Day. How could I have missed this event? Is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t had the pleasure of coloring with Crayons? When I was a kid Crayons came in a box with eight different colored crayons in it. Those colors were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black. Now there are over 100 different colors to choose from. Actually there are 120 crayons available now with 23 varieties of red available.

Working with crayons was one of the first things most kids used to do in kindergarten class. I can still remember my kindergarten teacher saying “remember to stay inside the lines on your paper”. Now they probably say “class, turn on your tablets and stay inside the lines”. My, how times have changed.

Crayons, by the way, were invented in 1903 by Edwin and Alice Binney.  She came up with the name Crayola for the brand of Crayons as well.