Here we sit twenty miles apart as the crow flies and no public transportation between Hannibal and Quincy. A town of 40 thousand has no connection to a town of 20 thousand people unless you drive yourself. Why not?

It makes sense to me that there could be a need for a daily bus between the two cities. People of Hannibal work in Quincy and people of Quincy work in Hannibal. They also shop in each other's city. I had this thought 20 years ago and I still think there is a need for it.

Imagine the opportunities for the businesses in the two cities. My thought is to have a bus run between the two cities every two hours from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. That bus would also run thru the business districts of each city as well as the industrial sites as well and then return. This would make the bus a viable option for people to shop or work in both cities.

I would think that both cities could get together and develop a plan to make this work for the benefit of both Hannibal and Quincy. This could be a good opportunity to get Hannibal Mayor Roy Hark and Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore together for the betterment of their respective communities.  If the cities won't or can't do it, maybe private enterprise needs to step in.