We play the song "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road" every Friday morning just before 9 a.m. to end the Morning Show week. You know the weekend is here when you hear it. And we love playing it.

Back in the 1970's, a guy by the name of Loudon Wainwright the Third released (so to speak) the song called "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road". It wasn't a huge hit to say the least, but it was different and it caught my ear enough that I went out and bought the record (yes, I said record).

When I started working on 99Q with Dennis Oliver back in 1985, I was looking for a "signature" song that would close out the week and begin the weekend. D.O. was using "Hey Jude" from the Beatles every Friday when he was working at KQ102. But he left them to join 99Q and didn't want to sound KQ102ish on 99Q so I proposed we play "Dead Skunk" and sing along with it as "the" song to end the week and start the weekend. We went with the idea, but little did I realize we would still be singing to it 30 years later.

Over the years I have made several attempts to contact Loudon Wainwright, but to no avail. I would love to interview the guy about why he wrote this crazy little song. I bet there is quite a story behind it. I do know for sure that Y101 has played the "Dead Skunk" song more than any other a station in America. Now, I know we won't win any awards for our singing, but I do know that there are many of you who sign along with us in you cars, homes and offices. Call it crazy or stupid, but if we ever stopped playing it, I guarantee you would miss it. Thanks Loudon!