I hope you are ready for this piece of news. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced last week that immigrants living in the State of Illinois who entered the United States illegally may begin to apply for a state driver's license in December. This is available because of a new state law approved by the Illinois legislature and signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn in January.  

Supporters say it will save motorists money and make roadways safer. Meanwhile, Jesse White is anticipating some 250-thousand people could apply in the next 24 months. Supporters say these people are already driving illegally and this way these drivers will have at least passed a test to drive along with vision testing as well. They will also be required to obtain insurance as well.

Ok it is time for the Big Dog to vent. These 250-thousand people are here illegally. Apparently that is ok now. These same 250-thousand illegal people will also be paying for insurance too? I doubt that is going to happen. Maybe 250 of them will, at best. Oh, they will all get the insurance and then 30 days later they will drop it  and we are right back where we started.

The problem isn't that they are being given a chance to get a license, the problem is that they are here illegally and it seem like nobody is concerned with that issue. Am I the only one?