Wondering where to find a few discounted donuts in Quincy/Hannibal today? Look no further. While we lack the big donut players (the Dunkins, the Hortons, the Kremes), you can still get your hands on a few cheap (or free!) glazed rings of fried dough today to celebrate (as if you needed a reason).


  • Ben Braun

    County Market (All Locations)

    59 Cent Donuts (Friday AND Saturday)
  • Thinkstock

    Daylight Donuts (Both Quincy Locations)

    Free Donut (with purchase of a dozen)
  • Thinkstock

    Hy-Vee (All Locations)

    Get 9 Donut Puffs for $1
  • Thinkstock

    Casey's General Store (All Locations)

    50 Cent Donuts (With Coupon)

    (To get the coupon, text "DONUT" to 229397)