This Sunday, July 16, is National Ice Cream Day, which sounds pretty official and patriotic if you ask me. As an American, it is your civic duty to eat as much ice cream as you can. It’s a “National Day”, so you just know there was probably some paperwork or filibustering or something at some point. They don’t just make up these days, you know.

Anyway, Daylight Donuts and Deter’s Frozen Custard is celebrating in style. Beginning at 11:00 am on Sunday, they’ll be dishing out hand-scooped ice cream cones at 25 cents a piece. Twenty five cents! You could probably search your couch cushions and come up with enough for like three maybe three and a half ice cream cones. You could walk in there with ten bucks and buy dessert for the entire QHS football team.

The deal is good for chocolate and vanilla. Heck, splurge and get one of each, I say. You deserve it. Additional flavors are only 99 cents each (Sundays only). The deal runs from 11:00 am until close (9:00 pm).