Back in the day, before I was in radio, I worked on a farm and I loved it.

Even in the dead of winter, I didn't mind because I was doing something I loved to do. But the summertime was the best. Yes, it was very hot stacking hay bales to the top of the  barn, but it didn't seem to matter to us on the hay crew. We were the best of friends and we were in such great shape that we could have gone all day and all night.

But the best thing about working on the farm were the tractors. Glenn, the owner of the farm, had new tractors, old tractors, heck, he was working on tractors all the time because he loved to do it. And us boys, well we had our fun waving at the girls that would go by on the country road. One time, the girls even stopped and went riding on the tractor with us. Babes in bikinis on our tractor. Life was good.

I really miss those days and by the way, the tractor I was on the most? It was a 1973 Oliver 1655 Diesel Tractor with 3 point hitch.

Hay,corn,tractors and girls. Nothing better.