The City of Quincy is wrestling with coming up with a new budget that Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore calls a "bare-bones budget". Moore made that comment in the April 1st edition of the Herald Whig. Obviously, cuts are going to have to be made and any place they are made will have an effect.  Mayor Moore recently mentioned the possibility of closing Fire House #6 for the second time in less than 3 years. Since his comments, the city council found funding to keep it open.  So, I ask you to put on your Mayor's cap and decide what the City of Quincy should do.  Where would you make cuts if you were the Mayor of Quincy?

My first cut would be yard waste collection.  It has been a great asset to the citizens of Quincy for years, but it is not a necessity. Few cities in America provide that for their citizens and I would hate to see it go, but I can live without it.

So what would you cut?