What if a big superstar or music legend really, really wanted to play in Quincy, Illinois?

Usher, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, the Rolling Stones. It could be any of these people. But the question is, where in Quincy would you have them play? Remember, these people bring big sets, big stages, big big crowds to see these people play your favorite music. You need a big room or a big building to put all these concert fans in. But where?

Blue Devil Gym, the Oakley Lindsay Center, Quincy Raceways, Quincy Notre Dame High School, the Quincy University gym, Flynn Stadium, QU Stadium, and the Quincy Junior High auditorium are venues that come to mind. Let's say you were the concert promoter. What would you do?

And remember, as the promoter, you have to take care of the tickets, the crowds, the roadies, the food and everything else that goes with a big time show. Where would you have the show?

What act would be your dream act to bring to town?