We asked and you voted...A LOT! Thousands of you voted--sometimes more than once (but don't worry, we scrapped any duplicates). So the totally non-scientific results are in! Here are the BEST ice cream spots in the Tri-States...

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Congratulations, AGAIN to Pittsfield's beloved Dari Ripple! We really need to take a road trip and try Dari Ripple. I am sure with the ice cream shop winning two years in a row, that it IS the best ice cream in the Tri-States and I have to try it for myself.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Dari Ripple - Pittsfield, IL - 42
  2. Shupe Shack - Mendon, IL - 24%
  3. Cozy Cone - Augusta, IL - 12%
  4. Tasty Tweets - Quincy, IL - 9%
  5. TCBY - In Quincy & Hannibal - 5%

Looks like I need to make a stop in Mendon as well to try the Shupe Shack. Thank you to everyone who suggested them. I may have to start an ice cream bucket list!