If you use Walmart's "Price Match" policy, get your use out of it as much as you can its going away in May.

Walmart announced that as of May 14th, their Prince Match policy will be ending. Now I have to be honest, I've never used this policy, but many of my friends and family have and I know that they will be disappointed. So why are they getting rid of the policy? According to an email sent out to their customers, Walmart feels that they "already offer the lowest prices in most cases."

In a statement from Walmart, posted on Business Insider,

"We are at our best when we deliver everyday low prices for our customers, and we've been focused on doing that through investments in price," the company said in a statement to Business Insider. "And customers are noticing —we've seen a significant reduction in usage and redemptions from Savings Catcher. As a result, beginning May 14 this year, Savings Catcher will no longer be offered as we continue to offer upfront, consistent low prices to customers shopping our stores."

So if you use the Price Match policy, better use it as much as you can before its gone.