A recent poll has listed two Missouri cities and one Illinois city on the list of the Top 50 worst places to live.
According to 24/7 Wall St., Detroit, Michigan is listed as the worst place to live. Using data based on poverty, unemployment, median home values, poor economy and percentage of population with a Bachelor's Degree, Detroit was followed by Flint, Michigan (2) and St. Louis, Missouri (3). Coming in 4th was Memphis, Tennessee with Cleveland, Ohio listed as 5th.

The second five begins with Wilmington, Delaware at 6 followed by Albany, Georgia (7) and Springfield, Missouri (8). The last two to make the top ten were Baltimore (9) and Milwaukee at number 10.

There were no Iowa cities listed in the top 50.  Illinois was represented one other time with Rockford coming in at number 16.  There were no other Missouri cities on the list.