So here we were, all watching our favorite shows on WGEM-TV and KHQA-TV last Wednesday night when both stations cut away from their regular programming to provide information in an attempt to inform people of the danger lurking in the area with tornadoes reported in the area.

Oh, by the way, the radio stations in the area, including this one, interrupted their regular programming as well for the same reason…to provide vital information and hopefully save lives. Oh we interrupted someone’s favorite song that night for sure. KHQA cut away from the popular Survivor and Criminal Minds shows and WGEM did likewise with Law and Order and Chicago P.D. Granted those are very popular TV programs but are they more important than someone’s life?

If your family or grandkids lived in the Emden, Maywood, LaGrange, Ursa and Mendon areas last Wednesday night wouldn’t you want them to know a tornado was coming at them?

For the hundreds of people who either called the TV stations or jumped on the social media bandwagon to complain that Brian Inman and Rich Cain were interrupting their TV shows, I find it incredibly selfish to place a TV program ahead of people’s lives.

Oh, yeah, wasn’t that the same Rich Cain everyone was loving a few weeks ago for returning as a TV weatherman in the market? Hey Rich and Brian, what have you done for us lately, besides try to save a few lives last Wednesday? It’s ironic that, in a weird way, instead of watching Survivor, we all were survivors! Thanks for the coverage….and that’s the way I see it.