The rules of tipping in restaurants vary depending on what nation and culture you are a part of. Here in the United States 15% is considered an average tip for average service.

What most people don’t realize is that waitresses and waiters are NOT paid minimum wage. This is a fact that restaurants rarely publicize but they should.  

For most people they leave a tip and think that it is above and beyond the minimum wage their waitress or waiter is getting. This is NOT the case. Plus any tips they receive they must report to the IRS as well as earned income.

I am one who elects to eat out often and have noticed some people who run up their food and drink tabs to 50, 60 and 70 dollars and then leave a measly $2 tip. Those people are out of touch with the economics of it all.

If your service is average then leave the average 15% tip.  If your service was good and you enjoyed your experience at that restaurant then leave an appropriate tip of 20 or 25%. On the other side, if your experience was not a good one, then tip accordingly. Leaving a few pennies is always a way to get the attention of a waiter or waitress.

Just remember, these people have families they need to take care of too so if the service was good leave a tip that is just as good.  If you are a waiter or waitress I would love to hear back from you. Am I right on here?