So the last two Sundays I grabbed my fishing pole and headed out to Moorman Lake to see what I might catch. Before I even got my line in the water two Sundays ago, this two legged waddling duck, not to be confused with a 4 legged one, comes walking over to me like he's my best friend. I looked around to see if he had a partner out there but couldn't find one. I'm guessing he's a he and not a she. The same thing happened this past Sunday, only this time he swam across the lake to get near me. Both times, he struts toward me and stops about 5 feet away and proceeds to quack away at me.

He appears to be somewhat domesticated but I know nothing about ducks. He also tries hard to fit in with the geese that show up once in a while, but being all white he stands out and they eventually fly away leaving him behind. It's sad in a way that he seems to be lonely, but does enjoy his surroundings and frankly I enjoy watching him strut or swim around there.

I figure this duck needs a name and not Donald or Daffy either. So what name should we give him?  Since he's at Moorman Lake, why not "Moory".  That's just a thought. Do you have any ideas?  Let's hear them!