We spent a good deal of time reporting on American Revenant, a zombie movie that was shot in Hannibal over the summer. A release date has not yet been announced for American Revenant, but we're looking forward to seeing the finished product. Over the last few years, several independent filmmakers have chosen to shoot their projects in our area. Here are some independent horror films with local ties.

The Sound of Nothing

This zombie movie just debuted at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Scenes for the film were shot in the small Knox County town of Edina, Missouri. "There’s quite a bit of the town that made it in (the final cut of the film), and one really spectacular crane shot of Edina," said director Chris Grega.


The debut of 'Fang' was held at Quincy's One Restaurant and Bar in 2011. The place was packed for the premiere! It was a lot of fun to watch for recognizable landmarks, as the film was shot in Quincy.


Hannibal filmmaker Bill Houser shot his film, 'Hidden,' in the summer of 2009 at locations in and around Hannibal and Quincy. You can rent the movie, or buy it digitally, at Amazon.

Hampshire [A Ghost Story]

Quincy's Table Sixteen Productions has produced several TV commercials you've probably seen. They also make movies, including this 2009 horror film. "A day in the life of a haunted restaurant."