I'm well over the age of 30 (pushing 40 actually) which just added to the sting when I saw this article about what women under 30 need to stop wearing. As it turns out, I'm still wearing a bunch of these things.

I hate getting older, but it's a part of life whether I like it or not. So to keep me "young", I try to keep up with the latest fashions. Maybe I need to steer away from some of these no matter how "cool and hip" they're supposed to make me feel.

  1. Graphic T's (I wear these all the time.)
  2. Bedazzled Shirts (Nothing says "I'm Here" like a glittery shirt/)
  3. Blue Eye Shadow (Never worn except for maybe Halloween.)
  4. Victoria Secret PINK Line (Wait, what? They are my favorite fat pants to wear!)
  5. Leopard Print (Yeah I have to agree with this one...sorry ladies)
  6. Sparkly Pants (Yeah I'm out on this one too. They look cute on my four year old though.)
  7. Oversized Sunglasses (Okay, now this list is out of line. Oversized shades are my favorite!)
  8. Funky Socks (I like my Superman socks, so back off!)
  9. Hoop Earrings (That is all I wear. I mean, I'm no Jenny From The Block, but I'll wear my hoops all day and night.)
  10. Furry Anything (Do furry slipper boots count? If so, then I'm guilty.)
  11. Tube Tops (Yeah after two kids no one wants to see me in a tube top.)
  12. Short Dresses (Don't have this problem all short dresses are long on me.)
  13. Mini-Skirts (Again being short takes the mini out of mini-skirts for me.)
  14. Women Overalls (insert LOL emoji here.)
  15. Crop Tops (same as tube tops in the "nobody wanna see that" category.)
  16. American Eagle or Trendy Jeans (doesn't matter, I can't afford them anyway.)
  17. Booty Shorts (next.)
  18. Old Sneakers (NO ONE is taking my worn out, comfortable, outdoor only sneakers from me.)
  19. Cheap Bras (Ummm that's all I buy.)
  20. Hair Ties (that's the first thing I do when I get home from work is put my hair up.)

I think what I'm trying to say here is, wear whatever you want.