Y101 and KICK-FM will be sponsoring a boat and outdoor show at the Quincy Mall February 23 and 24. Believe it or not, the boating season will be here before you know it. Here are five little things you should remember to take along every time you take your boat out on the water.

1. Fuel / Batteries

You don't want to get stranded out there.

2. Fishing License

It's easy to get a fishing license and a whole lot cheaper than getting a fine.

3. Sunscreen

Nobody wants to be a lobster

4. Ice

It usually hot enough on the water. Make sure you have plenty of ice cold drinks for the party.

5. Oars

In case you forget item number one.

If you are getting antsy about getting on the water.you will want to make sure you get to the Quincy mall for the Boat and Outdoor show, February 23 and 24.

If you are interested in having your business showcased at this year’s Boat & Outdoor Show, contact your KICK-FM / Y101 Sales Representative at 217-223-5292 or 573-221-3450. Space is limited, so call today!