Tonight wraps up Y101's 101 Day's of Summer promotion and someone will be leaving the Oakley Lindsay Center a very happy person, because they will have won a trip to Mexico! The trip consists of five beautiful nights at the Riu Playacar Resort in the Riviera Maya for two people. As with any contest, there are questions, so I thought I would address the ten most frequently asked questions about our the 101 Days of Summer.

Riu Playacar Website

1. Can I substitute someone else for me as a finalist?  Sorry, but there are no substitutions allowed.

2. When do I register? You need to register between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. SHARP at the air-conditioned Oakley Lindsay Center. You will be ruled ineligible if you are not registered by 6 p.m.

3. If I am a finalist and did not received a postcard what should I do?  Just come to the event at the Oakley Lindsay Center and let the people at the registration desk know that you never received a card. You will be given a new card after you provide proof of identity.

4. Will there be food and beverages available?  Yes, food from the Butcher Block and beverages from Refreshment Services Pepsi will be available free of charge.

5. How long will the contest last?  The contest has several phases as we eliminate contestants to a final five people. It should last approximately one hour and we should be done by 7. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

6. Are there any other things to win tonight?  Yes, as each person is eliminated they are given a chance to win $101 cash and they must be present to win, so they will need to stay around to see if they win the money.

7. If I win the trip do I have to pay the taxes and the optional insurance on it? Yes, the winner is responsible for the taxes which would be in the neighborhood of $400 per person.

8. Is the trip transferable to someone else?  No. The trip is non-transferable.

9. Will I need a passport if I win?  Yes, you and your companion will both need passports to make the trip to Mexico. Destination Travel can assist you in getting one.

10. Can I pick the time I would like to take the trip if I win it?  Yes, with restrictions that apply. You must book the trip by October 20, 2013 with Destination Travel and also pay the taxes and insurance at that time.

Good luck to all the contestants tonight. Hopefully the beach sand will be between your toes in the near future!