The Quincy Fire Department has placed wreaths with red lights on them at all of their firehouses around the city of Quincy. The idea is to have nothing but red lights on the wreath which would mean a fire free Christmas season for homes in the city. Any home fires that occur would cause the Fire Department to change one of the red bulbs to a white bulb. So the goal is to keep the wreaths red and not white.

The wreaths were donated by TGI Fridays with the banners donated by Refreshment Services Pepsi. Unfortunately, the winter season brings the highest number of fires in homes than any other time of the year. Most of those fires are directly related to overloaded electrical outlets, candles and additional cooking that leads to kitchen fires.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration statistics there are over 108,000 fires each winter season in the United States resulting in 900 deaths, over 3800 injuries and $1.7 billion in property loss.