Being in the media has its benefits and its drawbacks.  It also gives you access to a few things others don't get.  Like police blotters and constantly updated material and news stories.  For instance, on TV tonight you will see another story about the civil war in Syria, the potential hurricane that may strike Florida, and of course, the Presidential race between Romney and Obama.  So I thought I would share some of the news you won't probably see tonight. In headline form and in no particular order:

LeBron James' newest sneaker is selling for over $300.  (I could have bought 100 sneakers for that as a kid)

E-Bay says it will no longer allow sales of potions, hexes or spell on it's website. (I didn't want to put a spell on anyone anyway)

A recent study shows that the number one use of a smartphone is for checking the weather. (I just look outside if I want to do that)

A new study finds that an increasing number of Americans prefer attending megachurches. (Great, now the back pew is gonna get even more crowded)

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that for the 4th straight year the Honda Accord is the most frequently stolen vehicle in the United States. (I will try to remember that when I am ready to steal my next car)

Kanye West is in talks to possibly become the next American Idol judge. (I was talking to Dennis Oliver about being the next judge so I guess D.O. was in talks too)

Mariah Carey is reported to be angry that Nicki Minaj might possibly become the next judge on American Idol because she thought she would be the only women judge. (If it happens, Mariah still might  be the only woman judge on Idol)

50 year old Roger Clemens is expected to pitch in a minor league baseball game this Saturday after a 5 year layoff from the game. (I wonder if the umpires will make him remove his Life Alert bracelet before he pitches)

That's the news that you probably won't see on TV tonight or read in the paper. It made my day, I hope it made yours too!