David, McNew, Getty Images

The long Presidential campaign is finally over and Donald Trump won out over Hillary Clinton and will be this nation’s 45th President. Let me start out by saying I didn’t care for either Trump or Clinton.

Half of this nation is extremely happy with last week’s election results and the other half is not. It’s understandable that people would be disappointed that their candidate didn’t win, but to go out and protest the outcome and even burn the American Flag because your person lost is ridiculous.

Stopping traffic in several cities by protesting the Trump victory is, at last I knew, against the law. It is time for people to grow up and accept the consequences of an election, and elections do have consequences. I’d say the same if Trump had lost to Clinton.

Yes, we all have the right to protest in the land of the free, but I don’t think anyone went down to city hall and got a permit to protest and close down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago or in the other protesting cities.

Life is full of disappointments, so get over it and move on!