We might be nuts, but my wife and I have three dogs. Two dogs are great,the third is crazy.

The two bigger dogs in our house at least know not to pee or poop on the floor. Not the third one. He has a nice little place in our basement where he unloads. And he is sneaky about it. He will go downstairs while we are watching television and then later on I will find it. It is a love/bite relationship. He is still a young dog, so he is learning, but for me he can't learn soon enough.

Our biggest dog is older so he is like the mentor for the other dogs. And when it is feeding time, watch out. We sit at the dining room table and so do they (only the dogs are on the floor, of course). Begging is what they do best. Even if there is a little bitty piece of meat on the floor, they go after it. And these three love cheese. They will grab it from your hands, that's how much they love cheese.

We are not sure about the little one yet. He is cute but really, really, really hyper. But he has his softer side, too. We will see how he does for a couple of weeks, but right now, he is a tornado (but he is really, really cute).

Dogs really do rule at our house, just ask the them.