The year was 1976. The country was just a few years removed from the end of the Vietnam War. People were still protesting. Some in private and others in public. The day was April 25th, 1976. The Chicago Cubs were playing in Los Angeles against the Dodgers when right in the middle of the game two protesters ran onto the field at
Dodger Stadium interrupting the game with an American flag. Many thought they were being patriotic but it soon became apparent what they were going to do. They ran onto the field, stopped in short right field and began to burn the flag in front of the Dodger and Cub faithful and on nationwide TV with Quincy and Hannibal area fans watching on WGN-TV. Once it became apparent what was happening, Cub outfielder Rick Monday ran toward the two men and grabbed the flag right out of their hands leaving the two protesters to be caught by the security people at Dodger Stadium. In the long history of the Chicago Cubs, it was perhaps the best play ever made by a Cub player. It's a play you will probably see many times on ESPN today and a play that needed to be made. Thanks Rick Monday for a fabulous play made 36 years ago today!