Does anybody remember a drive-in movie place in Summer Hill, Illinois? It was called the Clark 54 Drive-In, and you can still see it from the road on route 54.

It was the place to go on a summer night. The Clark 54 Drive-In opened in 1952 and for years and years people would go to the latest movie, eat some great food and and snuggle a little with your soon-to-be-wife. I know, because I used to go to that Drive-In every summer weekend night for the latest movie and of course, look for the babes.

But sorry to say, the drive-in movie rage went out of style. But back in the day, that was the place to be. The big screen is still there and so is the diner were you could go get some food. And you should have seen the place inside where the movie reel was playing the movie. It was huge and you had to wait sometime for the middle of the movie because the man who changed the 1st reel to the second reel had to put the new movie on the projector, and that was a huge undertaking.

I miss those days. Remember the show Happy Days? It was just like that.