So I am reading this magazine about people who bring dogs to work with them. Now I have never thought about doing that when I owned a dog, but it seems to be the new thing.

In recent years, dogs have been allowed to go to places I never thought they would be able to go. Like Major League baseball games. They actually hold "bring your dog to the game nights" in several ballparks.

These people are there watching the game with Fido right next to them. I wouldn't want to be the person who has to clean the stadium after those games conclude. I'm not sure those dogs like it when the Hot Dog vendor comes by but other than that they seem content to be with their owner at the park (ballpark that is).

Back to the office place. My good friend Kevin Reed of Reed Promotional Media in Quincy has been taking his dogs to work with him for quite some time. All seem to be happy that they are there with each other.

According to the Journal of Workplace Health Management, a North Carolina company found that people who brought their dog to work experienced lower stress, improved camaraderie and conversation among co-workers, and increased invitations by those workers to take the dog for a walk.

Here at Y101 we already have a (a.k.a. The Big Dog) and no one has asked to take me for a walk even though I do know where the nearest hydrants are.  Perhaps that's a good thing. Oh, by the way, this Dog will be going to the ballpark a lot this summer.