Who is the best-selling musical artist from your home state? Radio.com has released a map that shows many of them.

Here in the tri-state area, R & B singer R. Kelly is the top selling native of Illinois. In Missouri the honor goes to Sheryl Crow. In Iowa, it's crooner Andy Williams.

Some others of note include...

  • Minnesota- Prince
  • Indiana- Michael Jackson
  • Michigan- Madonna
  • Wisconsin- Steve Miller of The Steve Miller Band
  • Pennsylvania- Boyz II Men
  • New York- Billy Joel
  • New Jersey- Bruce Springsteen
  • Massachusetts- New Kids On The Block
  • Virginia- Dave Matthews Band
  • Maryland- Toni Braxton

Of all of the stars who call California home originally, it may be a surprise to know that hard rock band Metallica is the top selling native artist there. Christian singer Michael W. Smith, who did enjoy some pop cross-over success, is the top selling native West Virginian as well.

Not all states have a representative, but you can see the entire map online nonetheless.

If you’ve ever wondered who the best-selling musical artist is from you’re home state, there’s a map for that. Radio.com complied sales figures based on artists and the states they call home, and came up with some interesting stuff.

Here in the tri-state area, R & B singer R. Kelly is tops. In Missouri, pop/rock and recently, country star Sheryl Crow gets the nod. In Iowa, favorite son and crooner Andy Williams has been selling albums for years and comes in first there.

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