Tri-States Biggest Giveaway

Our Final Biggest Summer Giveaway is Here
This summer we have given listeners a $2,000 living room make-over from Sit Tight, and a $5,000 kitchen makeover from Midwest Paints & Home Center featuring Waypoint Living Spaces. And we're now gearing up for our fourth and final giveaway of the summer!
Here Is Your List of 'Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway' Finalists!
Thank you to everyone who entered into our first "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest over the past few weeks! We've narrowed it down to 101 people, ONE of whom is about to win a $2,000 living room makeover from Sit Tight in Quincy!
If you're on this list, you …
We Want to Send You to Jamaica!
Just think about it; laying on the beach, listening to the ocean, drinking your favorite drink, and catching some sun. And the best part? It's on us!

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