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Local Scouts Honored For Rock Garden Project
At Hannibal's Spooner Creek Park, visitors are welcome to cart off rocks from the inspirational rock garden. They are also encouraged to leave one behind.
At this week's Hannibal City Council meeting, Mayor James Hark commended members of Girl Scout Troop 9004 for creating an the rock garde…
Tom Chapin To Perform In Hannibal
Nationally-acclaimed folk artist and songwriter Tom Chapin will be performing two concerts on February 9th in Hannibal, Missouri as a special kick-off to Bluff City Theater’s 5th Season built around the theme of The American Experience.
$100,000 To Put Your Phone Away In 2019...Could You Do It?
My recurring nightmare as a child was showing up to school naked. Today's real-life version is when I walk out the door without my phone. I feel naked. Which brings up the question: could you go a year without your smartphone? That's the challenge Vitaminwater is throwing down. There'…
Veterans' Memorial Coming to Hannibal
To honor the veterans of that war, and all conflicts demanding the call of our service members, the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department is building a new memorial. The Veterans Memorial and Freedom Bell will be built in Cardiff Hill Overlook, allowing a beautiful view of the Mississippi River…

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