Quincy St. Patrick's Parade

Sign Up Now For the 2016 St. Patrick's Parade in Quincy
It is time to sign up for the upcoming 30th Annual St. Patrick’s Parade to be held on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 11 a.m. The parade will start at 12th and Maine Streets and proceed to 5th and Maine Streets and is open to all businesses, organizations and individuals free of charge.
Quincy St. Patrick's Parade Lineup 2015
The 2015 St. Patrick's Parade in Quincy is at 11 a.m. this Saturday! The forecast is looking pretty good. Partly cloudy skies, temps in the mid-60s. If you've signed up to be in the parade, you can check out the lineup here. Parade participants need to be ready by 10:30 Saturday morning.
What Should the Big Dog Wear in The St. Patrick's Parade?
The St. Patrick's Parade set for a week from tomorrow (March 14) in Quincy. It will be the 29th year for the parade and over the years I have tried to come up with different things to wear. I even wore a kilt one year and took so much flack over it that I decided to show them and wear it a second co…
It's the End of 2014, Where Did the Year Go?
Happy New Year! Where did the year go? I cannot believe we are celebrating a new year arriving already. Wasn't it just March and the St. Patrick's Parade? Wasn't it just Gus Macker time in May? Wasn't it just July with fireworks going off at the Quincy Gems game? Wasn't it just the last Blues in the…
So Just Who Was This St. Patrick?
Ok, we will all be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend as well as on Monday, the actual St. Patrick’s Day. Some will celebrate St. patrick's weekend in Quincy's parade tomorrow, some in the Historic Quincy Business District's Pub Crawl tomorrow night, and some in the Kelly's Fun  Run for the …
This is How The St. Patrick’s Parade Started
It was a morning in 1986 when I was working at 99Q Radio with Dennis Oliver. He was just finishing up his morning show and I was beginning my mid-day stint (after working the morning show on WTAD earlier that morning). It was about a week before St. Patrick's Day and I went up to D.O. and said …

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